7 Ideas for Marketing a Multi-Million Dollar Property

December 28, 2022

Marketing a multi-million dollar real estate property can be a bit of a challenge, but don't worry - we've got some ideas that might help you out.

  1. Professional photography and videography can make all the difference in showcasing the property's features and amenities. Especially using drones for aerials can feature active construction and busy retail.
  2. A comprehensive marketing plan that includes targeted advertising and marketing efforts (such as digital ads like LinkedIn & Facebook) can go a long way in reaching potential buyers or tenants.
  3. Networking and referral marketing can help you reach out to your professional contacts and gain introductions that wouldn't happen otherwise.
  4. Targeted email campaigns can be a great way to reach out to high-end buyers or agents who may be in your investor network waiting for their next asset.
  5. High-quality marketing materials (like FPV drone tours) can help showcase the property in ways like never before.
  6. Hosting a VIP event (like a cocktail party or dinner) can be a great way to showcase the property to a select group of potential buyers or agents.
  7. Paid search advertising (like Google AdWords) can target potential buyers or agents who are actively searching for high-end properties.

(*Bonus) NeRFs!! These are not the ones your children shoot around the house, they're a new way of representing your properties in 3D. Simple to capture, quick to create, great for storytelling.

(Bonus) Personalized tours of the property can help build relationships and create a sense of exclusivity around the property.

(Bonus) A virtual reality tour of the property can give potential buyers or agents a unique and immersive experience from anywhere in the world.

Overall, the key to successfully marketing a multi-million dollar real estate property is to showcase its unique features and value proposition. By utilizing a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies, you can effectively reach and engage with your audience.

Be creative and think outside the box to come up with unique and memorable ways to showcase the property and its value proposition. And don't forget to have a little fun with it - after all, the world of real estate doesn't have to be all business all the time!

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