Innovating Solar Construction: The Role of Drones and AI with PCL & AI Clearing

December 20, 2022
Author: Marvin Rosario
solar farm captured by a drone

Drones are revolutionizing the solar industry through the use of advanced technology and artificial intelligence. PCL Construction, a leading contractor in North America, has partnered with AI Clearing to utilize its platform "AI Surveyor". This platform uses drones to capture data on solar construction progress and feed it into an artificial intelligence system, providing project teams with accurate insights and analytics on their projects.

Previously, this process was performed manually, requiring additional labor and equipment investment. AI Surveyor streamlines and increases efficiency in the solar construction process, while also providing practical benefits such as reduced surveying costs and mitigated construction-related risks.

“We believe the combination of AI Clearing's technical expertise with our wealth of construction experience will change how solar facilities are built, commissioned and managed,” says Andrew Moles, Solar General Manager for PCL.

AI Clearing, a construction industry company based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2019 and uses artificial intelligence to automate progress tracking and commissioning in the construction industry. Their AI Surveyor platform allows for real-time construction progress tracking and identification of potential deviations, generating trustworthy reports covering 100% of the construction site area.

PCL Construction has a diverse range of operations in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets, with an annual construction volume of over $6 billion USD. With the use of AI Surveyor and the integration of drones, they are able to further improve efficiency and provide valuable insights to their clients in the solar industry.