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Parking Studies
Digital Twins
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Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences
Photos or Videos (Aerial + Ground)
Insurance & Risk Assessment
Forestry & Agriculture Analysis
Visual & Thermal Inspections
NeRF Creation
360° Tours
Thermal Imagery & Video
3D Mapping & Modeling
Facility & Property Management Solutions
Land Surveying & Mapping
Site Planning & Design Support
Environmental Monitoring
Roof Inspections
Structural Inspections
Asset Management Solutions
Energy Efficiency Analysis
Virtual Reality (VR) Tours
Environmental Impact Assessments
Solar Panel Inspections
GIS Integration

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What's included:

- Unlimited service requests
- Unlimited brands
- Unlimited users
- Nationwide coverage for digital solutions

What's included:

- Unlimited service requests
- Unlimited brands
- Unlimited users
- Nationwide coverage for digital solutions

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Make Informed Decisions with Digital Twins

Visualize Properties in 3D:
Precise Site Modeling & Mapping for Strategic Commercial Real Estate Development

Harness the power of digital twinning technology to create virtual replicas of your commercial real estate assets, enabling enhanced visualization, analysis, and decision-making.
ORDER 2D/3D Property maps

Streamline Construction Documentation Processes

Simplify Project Management:
Efficient Construction Documentation Services for Seamless Commercial Property Development

Stay informed and in control with remote monitoring solutions that provide real-time updates on construction progress, ensuring efficiency, safety, and adherence to project timelines.

Optimize Placement & Visual Impact with Site Scout

Unlock Visual Excellence:
Site Scout Services for Enhanced Property Placement & Impactful Experiences

Assess the visual impact and visibility of your commercial real estate projects using advanced site scouting and viewshed analysis techniques, ensuring optimal placement and maximizing views.

Accurate Inspections for Critical Areas

Ensure Property Integrity:
Advanced Thermal Inspections forRoof, Facade, & Solar

Identify potential issues and ensure the safety and integrity of your commercial properties with comprehensive visual and thermal inspections, detecting anomalies, and facilitating proactive maintenance.

Optimize Parking Management & Efficiency

Maximize Space & Streamline Operations:
Comprehensive Parking Lot Studies for Efficient Commercial Property Management

Optimize parking space utilization and improve traffic flow with data-driven parking studies, enabling you to make informed decisions for enhanced user experience and operational efficiency.
ORDER parking study

Unlock Property Potential Nationwide

Engaging Photography & Videos for Informed Commercial Real Estate Decisions

Drive engagement and attract potential buyers or tenants with compelling marketing content that showcases your commercial real estate assets in the best possible light, leveraging digital media and storytelling.