Maximizing real estate with the perspective of drones
Reduce site visits, de-risk inspection efforts, track progress, and showcase value
Eliminate surprises, safely survey large land, and digitize as-built conditions
Track progress, visualize budget allocations, and visit your sites from the office
Showcase nearby developments, photos from ground to sky, tour as if you were there
Our team entrusted Airweb on a multi-million dollar commercial real estate listing. Very happy with Marvin and his team. Knowledgeable in profession, great communication and excellent customer service. Repeat customer and would highly recommend.
Operations Manager // Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Our Services Include:

- Aerial Photography (HDR, RAW, timelapse,
hyper-lapse, 24-hour turnaround)
- Aerial Videography (4K, music, branding, informational, fly-throughs)
- Offering Memorandums with traffic and investment details
- Inspections (roof, facade, large infrastructure, etc)
- 360 Virtual Tours (inside and out)
- Site Maps and ALTA surveys
- 2D Mapping & 3D Modeling
- As-Built Documentation
- Social Media marketing content
(vertical and horizontal versions)
- Drone Pilot Training to build an in-house fleet

Ready to Fly?

This is our coverage map as of January 2023

All of the color icons represent a Part 107 certified drone pilot that's skilled in aerial photography, videography, infrastructure inspections, 2D mapping, 3D modeling, thermal inspections and much more..

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Drones are used in the real estate process from planning, development, inspections, marketing, maintenance, and even soft-washing!