Airweb Glossary - Drone, GIS, & AI Powered Solutions

Welcome to the Airweb Digital Glossary, your ultimate guide for understanding the specialized terms and solutions we offer. Designed for businesses, this glossary aims to simplify complex jargon in drone technology, AI, GIS, and more.

Glossary Categories

Visual Media Solutions

Custom NeRFs

Definition: Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) are used to create photorealistic 3D replicas that are compatible with Unreal Engine 5.
Application: Ideal for creating digital twins of real-world spaces for virtual tours, simulations, and more.

Cinematic Videos

Definition: High-quality videos shot using drones, capturing unique perspectives and breathtaking visuals.
Application: Perfect for marketing campaigns, property showcases, and storytelling.

Aesthetic Photography

Definition: Professional photography services that capture your properties from ground to aerial.
: Useful for marketing materials, property listings, and social media.

Data Analytics & Insights

AI Analysis

Definition: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to analyze data, detect patterns, and provide actionable insights.
Application: Used in parking studies, asset management, and defect detection.

Parking Studies

Definition: Uses drones and AI to understand parking utilization, flow, and turnover times.
Application: Ideal for urban planning, commercial properties, and transportation studies.

Digital Twins

Definition: Digital replicas of real-world products, systems, or processes for simulations and analyses.
Application: Used in asset management, system testing, and predictive maintenance.

Construction & Infrastructure

Reality Capture

Definition: The process of capturing a physical space or object and converting it into a digital format.
Application: Useful for construction documentation, 3D modeling, and virtual tours.

As-Built Documentation

Definition: Documentation that reflects the final constructed state of a project.
Application: Essential for construction projects to ensure compliance and for future maintenance or renovation work.

Site Scout (Patent Pending IP)

Definition: Utilizes drones, GIS, and AI for 360-degree visibility studies of specific locations and heights.
Application: Useful for construction planning, site analysis, and project development.

Inspection & Risk Assessment

AI Microscopic Defect Detection

Definition: Utilizes AI for visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas, saving time and money.
Application: Useful for infrastructure maintenance, quality control, and risk assessment.

Drone Thermal Inspections

Definition: Identifies temperature differences and moisture buildup using drone technology.
Application: Ideal for building inspections, environmental studies, and preventive maintenance.

Insurance & Risk Assessment

Definition: Assess damage on large areas with comprehensive aerial documentation and reports.
Application: Useful for insurance claims, disaster response, and risk mitigation.

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