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Maximizing ROI in Visibility Studies: A Site Scout Case Study on Drone, GIS, and AI-Powered Solutions for Outdoor Advertising

The Challenge
Traditional methods of visibility studies, such as balloon tests, have long been the industry standard but are fraught with limitations—lack of precision, time-consuming processes, and high operational costs. The need for a more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solution was evident.

The Solution
Enter Site Scout — a scalable solution that combines Drones, GIS, and AI with a global network of specialists to deliver comprehensive 360-degree visibility studies. Site Scout was created to optimize object placement for maximum impact and ROI across various industries, including outdoor advertising, telecom, residential, and many more.

Time Savings: Traditional balloon studies often take 18-21 days to complete. Site Scout reduced this to just 4 days — a 77.78% time reduction.

Cost Efficiency:
Traditional methods could cost upwards of $5,000 per study. Site Scout brought this down to $3,500, a 30% cost reduction.

Site Scout not only met but significantly exceeded the industry standards for visibility studies. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a global network of specialists, Site Scout has set a new benchmark for efficiency, accuracy, and ROI.

Use Cases of Site Scout

Optimal Pylon Sign Placement: Site Scout was used to determine the best location, height, and angle for a pylon sign along a busy highway. The result was a 25% increase in visibility across north and south driving angles.

Cell Tower Line-of-Sight Optimization: Telecom companies utilized Site Scout to find the best placement for a new cell tower, ensuring optimal line-of-sight with existing towers. This led to signifigant risk savings since this process used to utilize climbers on the tower and 2 field crews of 2 members (Site Scout only requires a 1 member crew with no risk of climbing)

Pre-Selling Apartment Units: Real estate developers used Site Scout to showcase the best visibility points of a tall apartment building. This insight can be used for sales members to increase their sales bookings and closings.

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