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Faced with the challenge of scalable visual inspections for 5G pre/post-construction documentation, Airweb Digital stepped in to modernize the process. Our primary objective was to create an efficient, safe, and digital workflow, thereby eliminating the need of risky climbs.

We aimed to reduce traditional inspection time by at least 30%, focusing not just on speed but also on safety and data accuracy. To achieve this, we leveraged cutting-edge drone technology and AI analytics in a multi-faceted approach.

This included:
- Drone-assisted inspections for safety
- AI analytics for swift and reliable tower assessments
- Centralized remote QA team to support field technicians.

The main challenge was to build a skilled network of field technicians for drone operations. These technicians played a crucial role in collecting as-built data for post-processing and subsequent remote inspections.

The results exceeded expectations: inspection time was reduced by over 75%, we established a seamless global workflow accessible even on mobile devices, and a single field tech, supported by a remote QA team, could handle an average of five inspections daily.

This far surpassed the older method, which required two field crew members, one of whom had to climb the tower collecting visual data. Additionally our data is digital first allowing for efficient record keeping as opposed to unorganized and dated paper notes that traditional methods utilized.

Our solutions not only met but far exceeded initial objectives, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and safety.

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